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Conseil Santé in the World

Conseil Santé has carried out more than 150 assignments in over 40 countries.

Our clients

We have three types of client: governments, administrations and public bodies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies; hospital establishments.

Our teams

Conseil Santé employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists.

Hospital sector

In most developing and a great many transition countries, the vast majority of the population often only have access to public healthcare facilities. Consequently, the efficient running of hospitals and healthcare centres is of crucial importance for the state of health of these countries.

Conseil Santé's assignments in the hospital sector concern preventive and curative care, facilities and equipment, as well as the administrative and financial organisation of healthcare establishments. They aim to immediately remedy the most serious dysfunctions, but also to ensure medium-term programming for the development of health infrastructures according to health priorities.  

In more detail, the main areas where Conseil Santé is actively present are the following:

  • Elaboration of medium-term national development plans for health infrastructures and setting up of monitoring tools for their implementation.
  • Technical and organisational audits of hospitals and health centres; formulation of recommendations; etablishment of rehabilitation plans or action plans; support for the reorganisation of hospital services; support for the creation of hospital complexes and for the renovation of fittings and equipment.
  • Restructuring and functional planning studies of hospital organisations.
  • Administrative, financial and accounting reorganisation of hospitals: definition and setting up of accounting, budget and tariff procedures; design, creation and implementation of management tools; training of staff on the use of such procedures and tools.
  • Support for procurement, preparation of technical specifications (technical supplies and works), supervision of the execution.
  • Development of management systems for the maintenance of medical equipment.
  • Support to improve patient care quality.
  • Support to improve the care provided; preparation of projects accordingly.
  • Support for public-private partnerships (PPP). Analysis of the legal framework. Diagnostic and feasibility studies of hospital projects.
  • Monitoring of construction and/or renovation works of health buildings.
  • In partnership, hospital programming and design.
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