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Conseil Santé in the World

Conseil Santé has carried out more than 150 assignments in over 40 countries.

Our clients

We have three types of client: governments, administrations and public bodies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies; hospital establishments.

Our teams

Conseil Santé employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists.

Human resources development

The health sector often suffers from a lack of qualified staff, affecting its capacity to provide treatment and care, for example to vaccinate children, provide obstetric care and fight HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. It is therefore necessary to adopt, set up, monitor and evaluate human resource policies aiming to remedy staffing problems, better employ existing competences and better train all the staff.

The actions led by Conseil Santé in terms of human resource development fall within the scope of this context and focus on the following main topics:

Human resource policy and management

  • Analysis of staffing needs for the entire health sector.
  • Support for the elaboration of human resource development policies, and their implementation and monitoring.
  • Setting up of national bodies for human resource management in the health sector.
  •  Human resource audits of hospital organisations.
  • Study of incentive systems for health service staff.
  • Staffing plans, establishment plans.

Training engineering

  • Analysis of the training needs of staff of central and deconcentrated health administrations, hospital structures, etc.
  • Definition of health staff training strategies.
  • Design, development and implementation of training plans and programmes.
  • Development of specialised training modules (screening and prevention of contagious diseases, use and maintenance of medical equipment, etc.) and non-specialised training (accounting, finance, stock management, monitoring-evaluation of projects, conflict resolution, etc.).
  • Development of programmes for the training of trainers.
  • Support for the creation of training institutions for medical or paramedical staff.
  • Improvement and strengthening of the capacities of medical training centres.
  • Support to improve the quality of medical education.
  • Support for the strengthening of training institutions for primary healthcare staff.
  • Technical assistance to health training centres in order to strengthen their training capacities, particularly in terms of needs evaluations, training planning and the introduction of modern training methods.

Training actions

  • Training of medical staff: screening and prevention of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc; HIV/AIDS prevention methods, use and maintenance of medical equipment.
  • Training of managerial staff on the management of medical services, hospital management, hospital accountancy, finance, actuarial methods, stock management, project monitoring-evaluation, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Training on strategic planning for HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • Organisation of training sessions and workshops for trainers and healthcare providers on payment mechanisms, the purchase of services, administration, financing, calculating hospital service costs, etc.
  • Training of health managers on budget programming and planning.
  • Training of health professionals, educational specialists, police staff and judicial and customs professionals on specific issues linked to the narcotic drug problem.
  • Training of staff (surveyors and supervisors) in charge of carrying out KAP and HIV positivity surveys.
  • Training of all staff involved in the national blood collection system.
  • Training of trainers.
  • Development, production and distribution of training aids (manuals, interactive CDs, etc.).
  • Study trips. Training abroad.


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