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Conseil Santé in the World

Conseil Santé has carried out more than 150 assignments in over 40 countries.

Our clients

We have three types of client: governments, administrations and public bodies; multilateral and bilateral development funding agencies; hospital establishments.

Our teams

Conseil Santé employs several hundred senior and junior experts of various nationalities, the vast majority of whom are technical specialists.

Social sector

In a great many countries, social protection and the healthcare system need to be improved. The reform of social policies and the development of social protection systems are conditions for sustainable development. Furthermore, actions targeting the most vulnerable social groups (orphans, domestic violence victims, street children, young prisoners, HIV/AIDS infected persons, etc.) often prove vital to restoring seriously degraded situations.

Conseil Santé's assignments in these fields focus on the following areas:

Social policies and social services

  • Evaluation of the social impact of economic reforms.
  • Support in the analysis and design of social policies.
  • Support for the definition of social health insurance policies: development of strategies and proposal of decisions for an integrated and coordinated approach towards social protection problems.
  • Review of the expenditure of administrations in charge of social protection.
  • Identification of programmes for the reform of social protection structures and financing.
  • Consulting and training on the analysis and monitoring of national social policies.
  • Definition of strategies and actions to improve the quality and sustainability of social service infrastructures.
  • Support for the resettlement of refugees and displaced persons.

Social protection systems

  • Study of medical insurance systems for underprivileged social categories.
  • Support to health insurance funds for better resource management and more economic and efficient running.
  • Design and development of integrated social protection systems for vulnerable groups (orphans, domestic violence victims, street children, young prisoners, single women, immigrants, refugees).
  • Support for the setting up of social and psychological assistance services for soldiers having been involved in civil wars.
  • Identification of the educational and social needs of children and adolescents at risk and development of the capacities of those working with them (social-educational specialists, tutors).
  • Training of managers and staff of social protection organisations.
  • Family planning.
  • Patients' rights.


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