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Conseil Santé is a consulting company entirely dedicated to the health sector and focused on international assignments. Since its foundation in 1987, Conseil Santé has completed more than 350 projects world-wide, mainly financed by bilateral and multilateral funding agencies. The wide range of experience and expertise it has built up through these assignments is recognised by all its partners.

Conseil Santé is currently involved in numerous projects and applies its values to consulting services for the sustainable development of the beneficiary countries. From technical assistance to advisory services, project studies and evaluations, Conseil Santé uses its skills to provide high quality services in various fields (health economics, health care financing, implementation of health policies, etc.).

Conseil Santé has been part of the SOFRECO group since 1997. Since then, its activity has increased constantly, with its turnover reaching over EUR 8 million in 2019. This constant growth can mostly be explained by our credibility and the professional relations that have been forged with the clients and beneficiaries of our services, and with our experts who have in-depth experience in their specialised fields.

Conseil Santé and SOFRECO have a very close relationship. From a geographical point of view, the head offices of both companies are located in the same building, and technical support is immediately available when it is needed by one of the two companies. This proximity allows both companies to carry out projects that are at the border of their core competencies.

Conseil Santé also benefits from SOFRECO's weight and financial soundness.  On a practical level, it can use SOFRECO's support departments, including human resources, accounting, management, information technology and logistics.

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